By Julio Dam

Messianic Jewish Renewed Pastor

in Asuncion, Paraguay


In the two-thousand-span of Christianity, Elohim's enemy has deceived people about three fundamental concepts. These three issues are the Church's self-identity, its position, and its appropriate culture. This misperception has railroaded both the world and the Church into a great deception through the centuries, and we are still mired down in it. In this chapter we will show how Elohim began the reconstruction of all our (mis)conceptions about the self-identity, position and appropriate culture of the Church in the eyes of His followers in His Grand Strategy, as of 1517: what we call in this article "the Three Reformations."
What is the Christian Church´s true identity and self-identity? What is Elohim's perspective on the Church´s position vis-a-vis the Jewish People and Israel? What should be the Church's cultural milieu? Should the Church be indigenous? Should it be North American? Anglican? Lutheran? Roman Catholic? Where is Elohim taking the Church?

To better understand our quandary, we shall begin by addressing the definition of identity and self-identity. Webster´s New World´s Dictionary, p. 370 defines "identity" as coming from "identical": "L.(Latin) identidem, repeatedly, idem, the same + al." Thus, to have a self-identity means to possess one´s understanding of who one really is; i.e., that our perception of ourself and the reality of our being are one and the same thing; that is what it means to have a sane identity and self-identity.
Moreover, identity involves three things. First, it answers questions like: "Who am I really?"; "Where do I come from?" and "Where am I going? Second, it is to really believe what one is. Third, it is to act accordingly to that belief. These three are basic traits for a healthy personality. Our personalities may be able to keep themselves healthy if we know who we are, where we come from, where we wish to go, and if we can believe and live in the light of these beliefs.
Someone may wonder, "How does a person acquire an identity in the first place? What is an identity made up of?" In the case of our personal identities, or, in this case, the identity of the Church, our identities comes from our ancestors, our family, from our belonging to a particular ethnic group, our last names, our social or financial positions. It also may depend on our job positions or academic degrees, from the nation of our citizenship, on that nation's culture and history, on our mother tongue, our speech habits, our music, and so on. Identity is also shaped by our value system; our education at home, at school and vis-a-vis our peers; our own feelings and thoughts; our self-perception and degrees of self-esteem; our ethics and morals; and our will. All of these factors are related to our native-born and/or acquired culture which we have learned and accepted. In our case, the self-identity of the Church comes from these very selfsame motives.
However, our identity can be a healthy one only if our perception of who we are is identical with the spiritual and mental reality; and if we accept, believe, and act upon this perception-as-reality. If, on the other hand, we ignore, reject, or disbelieve who we really are, then our personality becomes sick. The book of Jacob ("James") 1:8 calls this problem "double mindedness" /dipsikos, literally "two souls." It says, " A double minded person is unstable in every way." The world calls it "a person with MPD (Multiple Personality Disease). As we look at the 2,614 denominations registered on the Internet under "Christianity," we can perceive something is amiss: the Church is suffering from not just having "two souls," but of having 2,614 souls, each one claiming to be the only healthy one! Thus, the Church is clearly suffering from MPD.


It is worth noting how ha satan has worked so strenously to disfigure and disinform us about both the identity and self-identity of Elohim and the Renewed Jewish Congregation of the Rabbi Yeshuah, .a.k.a., the Church. Surely this should make us aware of the crucial importance of having the right perception of identity and self-identity of both Elohim and the Church.
Why is this crucial? First, because it disfigures the Elohim we worship and turns Him into a false idol and the false image of a Gentile God. Christianity has worshipped a false identity of Elohim since circa 95 A.D., that is, for 1,900 years: it has worshipped the Gentile God Jesus Christ, instead of worshipping Yavheh, Elohim the Living God through having the Jewish Orthodox High Priest (Heb. 9:7,11), the Rabbi Yeshuah inside us via the Holy Spirit,which is to live in the spirit, as per Rom. 8:1, 4.14.
Some may opine this is just a matter of "relative position" regarding Yavheh and the Rabbi Yeshuah but, as we have seen on chapter eighteen, it is a crucial matter. In effect, we believe that all errors of doctrine spring from this single error, the misunderstanding of the true nature of Elohim as having three-Parts in One Person instead of the common perception of Elohim as "three Persons in one God," as the Tertullian formula goes.
As author Francis Frangipane has rightfully expressed it: "We feel aloof toward churches that adorn their halls with religious statues and the images of saints. But a false image of God can become just as set in our minds as a statue is set in plaster--and it will be just as lifeless. If our knowledge about God is not charged with the life and power of God, mere knowledge becomes an idol in our mind. You and I both have ideas, images of of God that are untrue, which the Holy Spirit would remove if we would let Him. These are cultural and doctrinal traditions which have become ingrained in our minds. The power of Christ´s life is filtered and proportiionally diminished by the number of these wrong images existing within us.Individuals, churches and even nationalities superimpose their likenesses upon our concepts of God. Poor and rich nations alike suppose that the Almighty Creator exists and thinks as they do. They are not serving God but the image they have of God." (1) (underlining is ours)
This is precisely what we have been doing: we have been worshipping a false image of Elohim which, at best, diminishes our worship to a wrong religion called Christianity, and, at worst, is idolatry, a grave abomination in the eyes of Elohim, since we have shifted the God-given order: "in the name of 1) the Father, 2) the Son, and the 3) Holy Spirit." We have invented a Christ-centered religion, and "retired" Yahveh, the Living God to His heavenly garden, where (we imagine) He is in His bedrobe and flannel slippers pruning His roses; while non-Pentecostals Protestants and Roman Catholics simply ignore in practice, if not in theory, the Holy Spirit.
Second, this relentless and very effective disinformation campagin has not only disfigured the Elohim we worship, but the self-identity of ourselves; i.e., the way we perceive ourselves to be, our own self-image, our position vis-a-vis the Jewish People and Israel and our appropriate culture.
As far as self-identity is concerned, the devil has tricked us into seeing ourselves as being "Christians," in contradistinction, and antagonically to the "Jews" and the "heathen" or even "pagans," when, as a matter of fact, as we will see in this chapter, those believers who come to the Elohim of Israel and the Messiah of Israel become Jews by faith, as Scriptures tells us.
As far as our position vis-a-vis the Jewish People and Israel, the Church sees itself as far above and far beyond them. Jews , for them represent "the past" best forgotten, while the Church sees itself several big steps ahead of them. Israel is perceived, at best, as a mere blip on the radar of history: at worst, it is a reminder of the nation made up of those who "killed Jesus Christ." In the Gentile Church´s eyes there is nothing to be learned from the Jews and their 4,000- year-old theology; on the contrary, we should avoid it and, as it has happened repeatedly in history, Christians have burned their "Jewish Talmudim" (Commentaries.)


What have the consequences been from these errors of identity? As regards the Gentile Church´s culture, we have adopted whatever culture was prevalent at the time, without any thought of the enormous influence and pressure our own´s culture exerts on one´s religion-cum-relationship with Elohim.
Regarding the Gentile Church, this loss of power, authority and truth has resulted in creating a false identity card for ourselves, a false position and a foreign, syncretistic culture. We perceive ourselves as Christians growing into a Christian tree which is equally as imaginary as is the Gentile God Jesus Christ. What is much worse, this lack of power, authority and truth blinds us to the fact there is a counterfeit religion-cum-Empire in our midst. We do not see her, nor do we wish to see her, for she points her finger back to us. Should we acknowledge there is a counterfeit church, we would simultaneously have to acknowledge there is a lot of her in us, and that, in effect, she and us are one, and that is too disturbing a thought for the collective psyche of the Gentile Church to entertain;: so we swipe these truths under the theological rug. As a result, we will (and we are already doing it) re-unite ourselves with the counterfeit church, from which Elohim redeemed us and which was paid for with blood.


As regards to our culture, several continents exhibit several co-existing ,and interrelated at times, cultures. The U.S., for instance, has a former Christian-based culture, with an uparalleled--anywhere else in the world--respect for the law which comes directly from its Puritan pro-Jewish ancestors, althought very few people probably acknowledge this debt. Its main modern culture, however, is mamon (2) and it stiffles even the Church with it. Europe, on the other hand, is very much advanced in its decomposition of, and de-Christianization process, and is at present in a transitional, post-Christian era, well into the occultic New Age and about to enter the final satanic Era which will place her at the feet of the antichrist and the first and second beast of Rev. 13:7, 11-12.
Latin America has always been partly pre-Christian and immersed in gross idolatry and is at present mainly unchanged in general, except for pockets of evangelicals here and there which are experiencing their highs and lows.
The East, on the other hand, is rapidly gaining the upper hand, especially Islam and less so Tibetan Buddism, especially in the form of the New Age, a "benign" case of the occult with its multifarious heavy metal music and demonic cartoons which aim at the conquest of the world´s spirit, especially that of the children.
Amidst its mélange of cultures, Elohim is raising up a minuscule, tiny Renewed Judaic self-identity, position and culture among former evangelicals, protestants, Roman Catholics who feel Jewish Renewed, act Jewish Renewed and dress as Jewish, and are an amazing sight to watch. There are also Messianic Jews, Hebrew Christians, and Christian Zionists (those who love Israel and the Jews) who have the potentiality to go back to their original Jewish Renewed self-identity, position and culture.
ELOHIM´S TWO UNIQUE CATEGORIES: JEWS AND GOIM/IDOLATERS Should we wish to comprehend the mystery behind these conundrums, we have to deal with a second fundamental concept, besides the one about the true nature of the three-Part Elohim. Should we fail to see what we are about to see, as indeed the Church has failed to see in its last 1,900 years, we will never be able to distinguish Elohim´s truth from the black ink of deception from ha satan in which we are submerged.
This second fundamental concept is that Elohim has divided mankind into two very distinct group of men; it has given them two identities: Jews and Goim/idolaters/Gentiles. The word Yehudim/Jews means in Hebrew, coming from the initial letter of "Yahveh," the word "hod," meaning "glory," and the plural "im," thus, Ye-hud-im. Jews are the ones who "glorify Yavheh." As we have seen in chapters twenty-seven and twenty-eight, Elohim made His six covenants, including the Renewed Covenant/"N.T." not with the Gentile Church, but with the same group of people He made the first five: with the Jews (Jer. 31:31-37). He brought Part of Himself, the Messiah Yeshuah to Israel, to the "lost sheep of Israel," not to the Gentiles.
On the other hand, the word Gentile is always used in Scripture pejoratively. For instance, in Mtt.18:17: "And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglects to hear the church, let him be unto thee as a Gentile/Goy and a publican." (It is interesting how the KJV has split this connotation of "idolaters"=Gentiles into three, and added "heathen"; i.e., one can, supposedly, still be a Gentile while not being a heathen! Webster´s New World Dictionary (4), on the other hand, has it simply and correctly: "Gentile: 1. any person not a Jew." It is that simple! We have let the devil deceive us into believing there is a third possibility, and even a fourth, "Christian," when, in truth, you are either a Jew or a Gentile/an idolater, as we will see.)
The key with Elohim here in these two distinct identities lies in a central, paramount focus point: Monotheism. As a Christian writer said very well: "A Jew is born a monotheist and has to be indoctrinated to become an idolater. Instead, a Gentile is born an idolater and has to be indoctrinated to become an monotheist."
This is the key to solve this whole mystery contained in this chapter: What is the Church real identity versus her self-identity, i.e., the way in which she sees herself? There are several key Biblical texts (not one isolated verse used to try to prove our point) offering the real self-identity of those of us who belong to the Elohim of Israel and the Messiah of Israel " And I have other sheep, which are not of this fold. I must bring, them here, too. They will recognize My Voice. And there will be one fold and One Shepherd. " (Yochanan/"John" 10:16) [Underlinings are ours throughout these scriptural quotations.]
Let's pay careful attention to what the Rabbi Yeshuah' is saying here. There is only one fold, "this" one, and He must bring new sheep into the already-existing fold, not take sheep out from it and place them on a Gentile fold. Now then, which is "this" fold which other sheep must come into? There is only one possible answer: Israel. What Elohim the Son is saying here is that He must bring the non-Jews (His "other sheep") into Israel's fold, not that He must take the Jewish sheep into a Gentile fold, as Christians have traditionally believed and taught. Let's see now some other verses which point in the same direction of the Church's self-identity. " We are the real circumcision, who worship Elohim in the Spirit, and rejoice in Messiah Yeshuah, and have no confidence in the flesh." (Philippians 3:3).
What is Rabbi Sha'ul (whose legal cognomen as a Roman citizen was Paul) saying here? Who is "the circumcision"? The Jews. And who are the ones to be considered as included in the Jewish People, according to Sha´ul, not to this author? First, those "who worship Elohim," and second, those who "rejoice in Messiah Yeshuah. Those who are Jews merely by their physical birth cannot be these about whom Sha'ul is talking, since most of them are not yet in Messiah Yeshuah and many well never be. What Philippians 3:3 is really saying is something which may sound amazing to you: that those who trust the Elohim of Israel and the Messiah of Israel become Jews by faith!
Another verse:
" For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh; But he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not men, but of Elohim." (Rom. 2:28-29)
Again a message from Elohim about who is included in the Jewish People: anyone who has his or her heart circumcised. That is to say, all who have been adopted by the Holy Spirit become Jews by faith.
" Wherefore remember, that ye being in time past Gentiles in the past, who are called Uncircumcision by that which is called the Circumcision in the flesh made by hands; That at that time ye were...
· without the Messiah,
· being aliens from politeias/citizenship of Israel,
· strangers from Elohim's covenant promises,
· having no hope,
· and without Elohim in the world." (Ephesians 2:11-12)
What these two verses in Ephesians really tell us is this: Gentiles ("Goyyim", non-Jews) who would someday follow the Jewish Messiah, were before, quite naturally, not considered Israeli citizens by the Jewish People. But obviously, they are Israeli citizens now, regardless of what anybody thinks.
Aren't all these verses really saying that the Gentiles, the "Goyyim" who come to the faith in the Only True Elohim are adopted by Him into His People, spiritual Jews, Jews by faith?
In our next two verses, Shaul offers us a definition of who is a Gentile. He writes to others who were not Jewish by natural birth, "You know that you were Gentiles, carried away to these dumb idols, however you were led." (I Corinthians 12:2)
And: "For they themselves talk with us about the welcome you gave us, and how you turned to Elohim from idols to serve the living and true Elohim." (I Thessalonians 1:9)
Here, the Rabbi Shaul is defining a Gentile. Goyyim, the non-Jews/Gentiles, are those who worship statues, images, and other idols. By saying "You WERE gentiles" he obviously means that those who follow the Elohim of Israel and the Messiah of Israel, have ceased to be Gentiles, i.e., idolaters, and became spiritual Jews, Jews by faith.
Because of Messiah's finished work, Elohim has sent the Holy Spirit over each believer. In other words, the completion of Judaism, Renewed Judaism involves all three parts of the Elohim's Inner Nature, but centered on Yahveh, Elohim the Father.(See chapter thirty-one, "The Truth about the Trinity.")
What the devil has used, as we have seen in our first chapter is a powerful weapon called "Semantics." He has twisted, manipulated, carved and coined new words to achieve, simultaneously, the satanization of the Jews and Judaism, and the legitimization of the "mother of harlots." Every time we say or hear "Christianity" and "Judaism," we are being caught in this semantic war In effect, the huge semantic gap between these two words is getting bigger and bigger, when, in spiritual terms, there should not be any difference at all.
Israel is a collective woman, as per. Ez. 16:8 and not any woman, but Yahveh´s wife. As any man or woman, as per 1st Thess. 5:23, she is made up of three parts: spirit, soul and body. What we call "Christianity" is the receiving of the Holy Spirit of the three-part woman called Israel in the Upper Room, Yahvheh´s wife; and from that "born again" experience, the birth of the spirit of this Jewish woman. In other words, what was born on that Pentecost Day was the Renewed Jewish Congregation of the Rabbi Yeshuah, a.k.a., "the Church."
The first thing we should never have lost sight of is that the Church is, or at least, should have been, the newly born in the Spirit wife of Yahveh, Elohim the Father. You see, the word "Christianity" is the English translation of a Greek translation, which, in turn, is the translation of the Hebrew words for "Renewed Judaism/Yachadut Mechudash! The word "Christ" is the translation into English of the Greek word Kristos, which is, in turn, the translation of the Hebrew word Ma-SHEE-ach/Messiah. Why wasn´t the word "Messiah" used as a translation in English, since it is a current word? As we will see further ahead, the devil has done everything in his power to de-Judaize every word possible. Webster´s definition of "Messianic": "any expected savior or liberator"( p. 470); instead, for "Christian": "a decent, respectable person." (p. 133). Try to explain to a Jew who has been tortured in the "Kristian" Germany´s Holocaust, as I have, that "Christ," that same "Christ" in whose name six million Jews were gassed in Nazi extermination camps, is the translation of a Greek word meaning "Messiah," i.e., the Jewish Messiah!
PREEMPTING SOME OBJECTIONS In Ephesians 2:14-15 it is written, "For he is our peace/shalom, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us; Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the Torah of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one renewed/kainon man, so making peace/shalom." (2)
This verse seems apparently present a problem to our line of thought. Many people say: "Christ tore down that wall of partition and now there is neither Jew nor Gentile."
However, a wall that keeps people separate can be broken down two ways. It could be broken outwards, in this case, as though to let the Jews come out and join some "Christian," idolatrous fold. That is the traditional way of interpreting this verse. But it could also be broken down inwards, to let the "Goyyim", the idol worshipers, into the Israeli fold which Yeshuah spoke about in "Jn."/Yochanan 10:16.
"I have other sheep I must BRING IN." Obviously, the Rabbi Sha´ul was speaking about the latter in the verses above and not about the former. It wasn´t that Judaism was being abolished, but on the contrary, it was being "exported" all over the world, by letting the idolaters come into the Jewish Renewed Congregation of the Rabbi Yeshuah and be saved!
Who is, then, this "one renewed man (3)"? The "one renewed man," within the context of the whole chapter two of Ephesians refers to a spiritual reality, to the spiritual of Israel, who before had the Torah outside, in scrolls, and now has them inside through having Yeshuah living inside us via the Holy Spirit. A spiritual Jew is a Jew indwelt by the Jewish Elohim. This expression "renewed person" appears again in Ephesians 4:24. " And that ye put on the renewed/kainon man."
The prior verse (23) clarifies:
" Keep being renewed in the Air/ROO-aych of your mind."
This renewed man, then, is a man whose attitudes and thinking are being renewed. A renewed, spiritual individual, with a fixed, original identity, position and culture: a Jewish identity, a Jewish position, and a Jewish culture, just like that of their Leader and Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, Yeshuah Messiah.
Yeshuah says to the "Samaritan"/Shomronite woman (Yochanan 4:24), "Elohim is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." This saying is only two verses after verse 22 which ends, " ...for salvation is from the Jews." One would expect Yeshuah to say, "...for salvation is from Me," which would be the complete truth; but here He did not say that. He was instead emphasizing the fact that salvation (of the spirit, as per Yochanan 3:6) comes from our faith in Him which brings us into the monotheistic, anti-idolatrous Jewish culture, which brings us the salvation of our souls, as per Lk.14:26; 21:19; Jacob 1:21; Yoch/"Jn." 12:25; Phil. 2:12; and 1st Peter 1:9.
Another verse apparently against our thesis is in Galatians 3:28 where it is written, " There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in the Messiah Yeshuah."
Does that mean that Elohim does not make any distinction between Jews and Gentiles? Let us see what is written in Romans 3:1-2: " So what advantage then hath the Jew? or what profit is there of circumcision?Much every way: chiefly, because that unto them were committed the utterances/logia of Elohim."
And in Romans 9:4-5: "Who are Israelis; To whom perthaineth
· Elohim's adoption,
· the glory/Hod
· the covenants,
· the giving of the Torah,
· the worship (of Elohim),
· the promises,
· the patriarchs,
· and of whom as concerning the flesh Messiah came, who is over all, Elohim blessed for ever.Amen."
Moreover, the point that Sha'ul is making in Galatians 3:28, is that Elohim welcomes us into our new Jewish identity in His Messiah--and so we are to welcome each other--regardless of the ethnic, sexual, or social situation we may have been born into. If, on the other hand, there would be "neither Jew nor Greek" anymore, then there would be "neither male nor female" in Messiah either. Yet, there are, indeed, male and female. We are still who we are, but cleansed, united, Jewish by faith, and being made whole in Messiah Yeshuah and having the Jewish Rabbi inside us, to allow us to fulfill Torah by walking in the spirit (as per Rom. 8:1,4,14), something which was impossible in the flesh.


After establishing the true, spiritual identity of the Church, we shall now turn to its God-given position vis-a-vis the Jews and Israel. Someone may ask what we mean when we say 'the position of the Church'. A good example to illustrate the concept, comes from Scripture. In the Book of Yakoboy (=of Jacob) 4:7 (Did the name of our Lord´s own brother sound too Jewish for the translators´ taste, so they changed it to "James"?), it is written, "Submit , therefore, to Elohim. Resist the devil and he will flee from you."
"Submit yourselves" really means in Greek to take one's given position as a part of an army. You see, the Yahveh is the Elohim over all the Armies, both spiritual as well as human. He has a position for every one of us in His Army. There is where you should be, and nowhere else, according to Elohim's plan. It is the same with the Church as a whole. There is a fixed position for the Church as a whole, where it should stand within the whole scheme of things, and especially regarding the Jews and Israel.
What is this position of the Church? Where is it placed in Elohim's comprehensive scheme of things? Romans 11:17-18 pinpoints for us the position of Messiah's followers from among the Gentiles: "And if some of the branches be broken off, and thou, being a wild olive tree/agrielaios="growing outside the House of Israel"), wert graffed in among them, and with them partakest of the root and fatness of the olive tree; Boast not against the branches. But if thou boast, thou bearest not the root, but the root thee." Which Position is that? Which is the real, spiritual Gentile Church´s position, then? Grafted into a Jewish tree, not a part of some non-existent, Gentile tree! This Jewish tree´s roots are Avraham, Itzchak and Yaakov, and the trunk and some of its branches are the Jewish People for the next 2000 years; while the upper branches are the Gentiles who were grafted in contra natura. You see, botanists never graft a wild tree into a cultivated one, since it diminishes the quality of the cultivated tree; what botanists do, instead, is to graft cultivated trees into wild ones, to improve their strain.
It is crucial to see that Elohim gave the Church this position and no other and why He did so. He never said to the Church: "My dear one, come here and plant yourself wherever you wish; I have enough land in my Garden." Nor did He say to her: "Since the Jews have rejected My Son, you will replace them"! Most Christians subscribe to this latter dogma, which is otherwise known as "Replacement Theology": i.e., the Church has replaced the Jewish People because they have rejected "Christ." Thus, they also subscribe to its corollary: the Jews who come to the Rabbi Yeshuah , a.k.a., "Jesus Christ" have to be grafted into a wild olive tree, i.e., an inferior-in-quality Gentile, non-existent tree.
The reason He decided to ingraft the Gentiles into a Jewish tree and not viceversa, as we said earlier, was Jewish historical monotheism in contradistinction with Gentile historical polytheism, i.e., the worshipping of many "gods." If you move into the house of an Orthodox Jew to stay for a while you will learn by osmosis his manners and especially his innate hatred of any kind of idolatry and image-making. Through being near him, and seeing him react to some of the grossest idolatries Christians not only ignore but actively support, such as the images of Jesus in Sunday school texts; stained-glass windows of churches, and Xmas mangers, you will learn to abhor them as only a Jew can do.
On the contrary, if you move into an idolater´s home for a while, you will, given the time, acquire his own manners and his way of thinking. In no time at all you will be kneeling to a "saint," pray to printed pictures of "the virgin Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus," and abominations like these. If you are living with a Gentile Christian, you will ultimately be celebrating with him "Christmas," for instance; a celebration, by the way, which is totally un-Scriptural and pagan in its origin. It does not matter whether it is "very traditional"; it does not matter whether it is "the birthday of Jesus Christ" (which it is not: Yeshuah´s birthday is on Yom ha Kippurim, c. Sept/Oct); it does not matter whether "I use it to save unsaved souls." What matters is that you have been fooled by the devil into celebrating a "pagan" feast which passes off as being "Christian" and a feast which is not even ordained in Scripture!Why? Because you are sharing his home and also his customs and soon you will be as idolatrous as he is. (For those who claim that "God gave the Jews cherubim to put in the Ark of the Covenant, so we can make statues and images," the answer is simple: the cherubim were ordered by Elohim while statues were forbidden by Elohim; thus, the the former are not idolatry, while the latter indeed are.)
This is precisely why Elohim told the Gentiles to be grafted into a Jewish tree and not to invent a tree of their own. Rom. 11:17-18 is there, and nobody can take it away, nor take its meaning away. It is also totally anti-Scriptural and untrue to teach and preach that it is the Jews who have to come and be ingrafted into an idolatrous, Gentile tree and become "Christians"!
It is precisely to avoid circumstances such as these that Elohim ordered the Gentile Church to be ingrafted into the Jewish tree, and not the reverse! As a result of our historical dis-obedience, Christians will be joining "the mother of harlots" and be delivered into worshipping the anti-Christ, as per Rev. 13:7, 11-12!
On the other hand, the second part of the verse is equally clear: and with them partakest of the root and fatness of the olive tree; Boast not against the branches. But if thou boast, thou bearest not the root, but the root thee."
What does this mean? That the spiritual nourishment of the Gentile has to come from the Jewish root and from the sap of the Jewish tree which is the Torah; the commentaries and Jewish exegetical rules.We must not forget they are 2,000 years ahead of us interpreting what amounts to 78 percent of Scripture! The devil has convinced us, because it is very convenient for him, that the "O.T."/the Tanak has no longer any authority over us, that is is passé.
He has tricked us into believing this lie from hell, which has made us discard 78 percent of His nourishment which has to come from the Jewish roots, which are the patriarchs, the Jewish civilization, Jewish culture, Jewish customs, Jewish music, ways and means of worshipping, Scriptural festivities, instead of invented ones and language (Hebrew). These make up the roots and the trunk of the tree of Romans Eleven as they are the only ones sanctified and blessed by the 4,000- year-old blessing of Elohim.
We are not, obviously, speaking about the salvation of our spirit. We are speaking about a lifestyle, we are talking about the salvation of the soul, which is the long, very narrow, single-file path which leads to the Fatherly mansion. We can compare a believer´s walk with a ranch in the countryside. One enters into it through a gate: that is the belief in the Rabbi Yeshuah, i.e., the salvation of our spirit.When you accept the Rabbi Yeshuah as your Messiah and Saviour, you have entered the ranch property, but you are not inside the house by any means; there is the long, very narrow trail which leads to the house. But once you are inside the ranch´s ground, there is still a long way to trek until you arrives to the ranch´s house, which is heaven. This long, very narrow path is the salvation of our soul and body. This trail is so narrow that you can only walk it one foot at the time, putting one foot in front of the other one; to do this you have to look down to know what you are threading on if you do not wish to trip on your own foot!
The Church has mistaken the gate outside the ranch with the house. To put things straight, let me expound on the example of the ranch a little further. When we were speaking above of Jewish culture, Jewish identity and Jewish mindsets, we were not talking about the gate separating that ranch from its neighbor´s; we were speaking about the narrow path, which is the beginning of the rest of our lives with Elohim.
The question becomes: How should you walk that narrow path to reach the House? That walking should be done by being grafted into the Jewish tree of Rom. 11. Why? Because this Jewish ingrafting will give us the nourishment, the original, Jewish self-identity and lifestyle, the Jewish culture and position, and the Jewish mindset, which is very different from the Gentile one. Both Elohim together with His circa forty writers of Scriptures wrote in an entirely different manner to that of West. Jewish thought, and, therefore, Scriptural thought is synthetic, full of paradoxes (i.e., apparent contradictions), concrete, analogic, that is, it sees links between things; non-mechanic, full of what is called "fuzzy logic" in computerese, i.e., one does not have to explain everything before one starts speaking; there are many things that are taken for granted.
To give an example, when the Rabbi Yeshuah says to his disciples: "Do not call anyone father..." He said it in a Jewish kind of fuzzy logic. Any Jewish mind can understand that what He said did not forbid you to call your own dad "father"! That is not the case with Westerners, though, who tend to be more logic. Moreover, Scripture was thought out by a Mind and written by writers who postpone judgment; who possess an intuitive mind which many times jumps ahead of a set order, based on hunches. The Jewish mind is also wholistic; i.e., it perceives things in its totality. This is, in sum, Jewish thinking, which is, in fact, the type of reasoning which Elohim has, a dialectical modality of thinking which the Greco-Romans and Westerners almost totally lacks and which the devil has stolen from Elohim and given to his followers.
Jewish thought is eighty percent right-brain thinking; while the Greco-Roman and Western is eighty percent left-brain, cold, logical, non-intuitive thinking. Greco-Roman, Western thinking is analitical, symbolic, it solves everything step by step. For instance, it uses a drawing to represent something; it orders things in succession: it begins with the first step, then does the second step, etc. It is totally rational, extracting conclusions based on facts. It is digital, i.e., it is based on yes and noes; it uses numbers.
These two modalities of thinking are mutually exclusive and irreconcilable. That is why Elohim, in His infinite wisdom, grafted the Gentiles into the Jewish tree, so that they would sap Jewish mindsets, Jewish self-identities and position, Jewish lifestyles, and not use their own Gentile mindsets. That is to say, Elohim placed the Gentiles for their own benefit, for their spiritual and mental growth so that they could grow in the Jewish modality of thought, which is Elohim´s; the only one capable of dealing with the occasionally enormous complexities of Scripture. What Elohim wished for, in effect, was to have the Jewish Renewed Congregation (Jews by birth together with Jews by faith) using both parts of Israel´s brain: the Jewish part using their right-brain modality together with the non-Jewish left-side modality, thus having one complete, collective whole brain functioning.
However, the usual behavior of Christianity towards the Jewish People has been more like: "Join our Gentile Christian bandwagon or get off!" As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as a Gentile bandwagon. Christianity has invented, in fact, a Gentile tree where the Jews have to leave themselves to be grafted in, reversing the order and the reason why Elohim made it a Jewish tree: as an antidote against idolatry. What has survived over the centuries, instead, is a very mixed up (which is precisely the meaning of the very word "Bavel") religion which does not know what her true identity, position or appropriate culture is.
Furthermore, as we have stated above, in the eyes of Elohim there are only two peoples, two identities, two positions, and only two cultures. There is the Jewish identity, position and culture and the goyishe identity, position and culture, the idol-and-image-worshiping Gentiles with their Babylonian culture. These verses also show that you can be a part of either one but not of both, and that the choice is yours to make. It also shows that when you side with the Elohim of Israel you are grafted into a Jewish tree and not the other way round. How Renewed Judaism I ( First Century "Christianity") differed with non-Renewed Judaism, according to Acts 15:1 and 5, is that Renewed Judaism teaches that salvation of the spirit is by faith in Yeshuah and does not require what Orthodox Judaism requires as entrance requirements: the circumcision in the flesh and the EXTERNAL keeping of the written-in-stone Torah Elohim gave to Mosheh .
What the Renewed Covenant teaches is that the real, the important, circumcision is in the heart (Romans 2:29, quoted above) and that the Torah is internalized in the Rabbi Yeshuah the Orthodox Jew, who fulfills it inside us and through us by means of the Holy Spirit of the Jewish Elohim living in us, as explained (and often misunderstood) in Romans 8:1,4 and 14, and in Jeremiah 31:31-33. In order to be saved (in our spirit) it is only necessary to trust in the Messiah Yeshuah.
(See chapter twenty-nine, Are You Saved by Faith or By Works?)
The devil has tried to dichotomize and totally split apart these two stages of this one historical continuum, Judaism and Renewed Judaism. He severed--very successfully--the two stages of Renewed Judaism, i.e., Judaism from its completion in the Messiah. Then he demonized the first stage, Judaism, so strongly that, as it has happened in contemporary Polish electoral polls, even the accusation by itself, (you don´t have to even prove it!) of having a Jewish ancestor seems to be enough " guilt" to be eliminated from the electoral race for President of that historically anti-Semitic nation!
If this first and crucial schism would not have happened, as the Rabbi Shaul warned us ("know ye that ye do not support the root, but that the root supports you."), there would not have have been any permission from Elohim to replace and substitute for the Rabbi Yeshuah's Renewed Jewish Congregation.
On other hand, suppose that what we say above is not the truth and is another crackpot doctrine. Then the three Reformations--Protestant, Pentecostal (both already part of ecclesiastical history) and Renewed Jewish II (which is taking shape at breakneck speed all around us)--should not have happened. There would be no need to go back to anything had the Church not departed from its original Jewish roots. The fact that there already were two Reformations--whether we realize it or not they have happened--and that we are underway along the third Reformation shows that what we are saying is true, that in the last two thousand years, the Jewish Renewed Congregation of Rabbi Yeshuah has totally and radically departed from its original, Jewish roots, its true identity, its real position within the Romans 11 Olive Tree and its true, original Jewish culture. There would be no need for three Reformations had the Church culture not be something completely different from its original Renewed Jewish culture and replaced it with a syncretistic, predominant culture varying with the times. At first it was the Greco-Roman-Babylonian culture from the fourth to the sixteenth centuries which held power; then it was the Germanic Protestant culture which sat in the driver´s seat; then the Anglican-British culture; and lately a North American culture, which is the one currently holding the reigns of power in evangelical Christianity. As Bob Hughey has said beautifully on the Internet: "It began as a (Jewish) Movement; it became an idea in Greece; a culture in Europe; and a business in America." (The word "Jewish," in the quote, is ours. ) God's Grand Strategy is to return His Congregation to its original Jewish roots.


How would you define a culture? According to Prof. Samuel P. Huntington, Eaton Professor at the John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies at Harvard University, culture is an important part of a civilization. He adds: "Villages, regions, ethnic groups, nationalities, religious groups, all have distinct culture at different levels of cultural heterogeneity..." (Huntington, "The Clash of Civilizations", Foreign Affairs Journal, published by the Foreign Affairs Council, Inc., Summer, 1993, pp. 23-24). Would you agree that a culture is a common, collective identity and the self-definition of a people which has common characteristics such as the same religion, a common language, common viewpoints and concepts, behavior, food, and manners of dress and speech?
So where does the Renewed Jewish (i.e., "Christian") original culture come from? It comes from the Torah, the Jewish Scriptures. There are over 400 quotations from the Pentateuch in the Renewed Covenant Scriptures, 715 from the Prophets, and 450 quotations from the Writings/Ketuvim. (These three make up the three-part division of the Hebrew Scriptures). This Renewed Jewish culture had a Jewish book as its source for the first 135 years, the so-called "Old" Covenant, since the Renewed Covenant (with its 1,564 quotations from the Hebrew Scriptures) was not yet written. The first book to be written, apparently, was Thessalonians, in the year 51 A.D. and thus, should have been the first book of the Renewed Covenant. This Renewed Jewish culture, implicitly and explicitly contains a Jewish culture, a Jewish language (Hebrew), Jewish concepts, Jewish points of view, Jewish food, Jewish customs, and Jewish paradigms of life and of relationship with Elohim and with our fellow humans.
The Renewed Jewish culture also comes from the collective identity and the self-definition of those who founded Renewed Judaism, the Orthodox Rabbi Yeshuah and His Jewish followers. It comes from a common language spoken, which was Hebrew (neither Aramaic, as many have taught, nor Greek. See Yochanan 5:2, 19:13, 17 and 19; 20:16, Luke 23:38, Acts 21:40, 22:2, and 26:14, Revelation 9:11, and 16:16, for references to the Hebrew language in the Renewed Covenant Scriptures.)
Thus, Renewed Judaism I, later called Christianity, did not begin circa the year 6 B.C. with the birth of Imanu'El, Elohim with us, the Jewish Messiah and the Body of Elohim,Yeshuah, but with Avraham. Renewed Judaism is at least 4,000 years old, not 2,000. Rabbi Yeshuah and his 120 followers in the Upper Room did not begin a new religion as some insist on disinforming us. What they came to do was to internalize a previously external, written-in-stone Torah .(Deuteronomy 10:1). Yeshuah came to write it be kirbam ve al libem/"near them and their hearts" (Jeremiah 31:33)--the very definition of the Renewed Covenant--through the Holy Spirit within each believer. He came to finish what the Father had begun, not to start a new religion from scratch, as many assume. What Rabbi Yeshuah and His followers came to do was to begin the worldwide export phase of this culture (the container) and this Jewish relationship-cum-religion (the content).
To understand this civilization problem a little better , let us try to do this by examining the main problem facing a recently arrived immigrant. In the light of Eph. 2:12 the Rabbi Sha´ul says to the Ephesians that they had been "far from the citizenship of Israel" but that, by then, were "citizens of Israel," i.e., Israelis. Let us analyze this immigrant concept. What does it take to make an immigrant successful? The most successful one is the one who adapts more rapidly to the points of view, customs, language, food, the strange (for himself) customs of his new land, the religion, and the music of the nation he is immigrating to. On the other hand, we all know of peoples who have immigrated to the U.S., for instance, and who have put up an enormous resistance against adaptation. They have not wished to change their ways, their language, their religion, nor their points of view. On the contrary, they not only clung to them for dear life but have had the chutzpah to demand that the U.S.changes--for their benefit! They wish to impose on a foreign country their own language, customs, food and religion. In other words, these peoples are in a collision course with the North American civilization who have adopted them as American citizens with all the legal rights of a native born American. The final result of this resistance is a culture disengagement, a shock of cultures and wills, and a mental, mutual misunderstanding which can bring both sides no good. The latter example, then, is the type of immigrant with a wrong attitude to the host nation. With this type of attitude, it would have been much better for everyone involved that they would have stayed in their own nation, or that they would have taken the decision to return to their own land, since they seem to miss their customs, religion, and lifestyle so much.
A very similar thing happens with the Jewish Renewed Civilization. We should make up our minds whether we agree, like Avraham did, to leave our land and our countrymen, and to follow the Elohim of Israel and not to bring Babylon with us on our knapsacks, nor Babylonian food, or Babylonian customs, or the modalities of thinking of Babylon, or their mindsets. Elohim wishes us to change and change, AND change, being continually in transition, continually in transit, since we are a living organism, not a frozen thing. We should be continually growing, continually "going up to Jerusalem" to see the King of Kings, from which comes all the Light! If you, my dear brother, have been in the same doctrine for more than a couple of years, you should realize there is a chance that you are slumbering, not growing. You are in danger of becoming what a clever Christian writer calls "Christian midgets," believers who never grow, and are always studying "Christianity 101." Elohim wishes you realize that you are immigrant just like Avraham was, into a foreign country called Israel, which is, no more and no less than His own wife (Ez. 16:8). He wishes you to acquire a good attitude to be successful as an immigrant. As we have seen above, this neccessitates you should be willing to change your viewpoints, your mindsets, your customs, your lifestyle, your name, and especially, and adapt those of your host nation, in this case, Israel.
In these terrible, very exciting and increasingly difficult years ahead of us, which are already touching the hem of the Third Millennium, Elohim wishes us to change towards re-acquiring, recovering the Jewish mind , the Jewish music He so dearly loves ("Ps." 150:2-4), the Jewish Civilization we have despised for too long. If we continue on our headstrong refusal to accept His gifts, we are in grave danger of missing the current movement of the Holy Spirit and, very probably, the chance to reign in the Millennium. Don´t forget the King of the Jews, the Rabbi Yeshuah will be reigning from Jerusalem. What will all those who do not like Jews do with this Jewish King of Kings and this Jewish Kingdom? Ask for a sabbatical leave? Or plead for a job in a Judenrein nation?
More important, if we reject this current movement of the Holy Spirit, we will be acting like the bad immigrants we were talking about above: those who, in the end, will have to return to their own nations because they have never really felt part of their new nation as home. Are you willing to go back to Babylon, where you came from? Are you ready to reject the only ingrafting Elohim is allowing, the ingrafting into the Jewish tree? If you are resisting it, you yourself, on your free will, are deporting yourself to Babylon, where you originally came from, spiritually speaking.
When we are talking of a Renewed Jewish Civilization we are not talking of a religious doctrine, since many people may belong to many different civilizations and yet, belong to the same religious doctrine. You can be part of the Chinese Civilization and yet be an Anglican. You can be part of the Anglo-Saxon Civilization and be a Pentecostal. We are speaking way beyond the simple religious doctrine: we are proposing a new culture, a new civilization. Not for salvation, again, but as a daily lifestyle to save our souls onto "the right path," which is the correct translation of the misconstrued "justice."
What should our lifestyle be? That is the question here. And that is where the Renewed Jewish Civilization comes in. As we said before, it involves, above all, a mindset and a system of values and of thinking which is almost the opposite of the Greco-Roman and Western thinking, mindset and lifestyle. If we insist on using a Greco-Latin, Aristotelian way of thinking, we are swimming upstream vis-a-vis Scripture and we will never understand it. This is not doctrine we are speaking about, it is culture, civilization.
We sing to the Lord with "Christian" rock, or with Brazilian samba; that is culture, not doctrine. That is part of the Renewed Jewish Civilization we are speaking about. Perhaps it is high time we find out what kind of music does Elohim wish to hear so that we worship Him with it and not with the kind of music we feel comfortable with. When you get married, your spouse likes a certain kind of music. If you play the kind of music you like to hear, that does not please your spouse, you are only pleasing yourself; a similar thing happens with Elohim. Find out what kind of music He likes to hear and be worshipped by, and whether He likes that you dance for Him, like king David did, and dance it.
Scripture suggest as much when it speak about "Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs." ("Ps." 150:4) and when it refers to king David as a man "after Elohim´s heart." What does it mean to be a man after Elohim´s heart? I am convinced it has to do with his dancing and singing to Elohim. Dancing and singing are fundamental to please Elohim, our Bridegroom and future Husband. That is not doctrine; it is culture, the appropriate one, the Jewish culture! This is the kind of civilization Elohim is bringing near to us so that it can serve as a container of the restoration of Yahveh, Elohim the Father and the Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Yeshuah replacing the Gentile God Jesus. This container implies a lifestyle, a daily manner of behaving, especially towards Elohim , one which is pleasing to Him.
Instead, when we preach "...for ye are not under the law, but under grace" we preach about something we really do not understand. What we are really saying is: "Do it your way! Anyway, you are saved no matter what you do. You do not even have to comply with the Ten Commandments, because the law is done away with, and we are Christians, not Jews; we are under grace." As a matter of fact, Rom. 6:4 is immediately "contradicted" by the Rabbi Shaul himself in 3:31: "Do we make void the Torah through faith? God forbid; yea, we establish the Torah." In Rom. 2:13 it is written: "(For not the hearers of the Torah are just before Elohim, but the doers of the Torah shall be justified." And in 1st Yochanan 5:2: "By this we know that we love the children of Elohim, when we love Elohim, and keep his commandments. For this is the love of Elohim: that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous." (emphasis is ours) (See chapter twenty-nine, Are you Saved by Faith or by Works?) (See also 1st "Jn." 2:3,4; 3:22, 24; 5:2,3; Jacob 2:10-11.)
How can we harmonize "because we are not under the law, but under grace" with all of the these verses written out plus the ones quoted? When the Rabbi Yeshuah was telling the rich young man about the Ten Commandments, what was He doing? Pulling his leg? Why did He not take up the opportunity to tell him: "Look, we are no longer under the Torah, so your question about which commandments you have to keep is passé, we are now under grace"?
The answer to this paradox, this apparent contradiction lies with the Renewed Jewish culture: when one acquires Elohim´s mind and Elohim´s system of values, which is precisely to have a Jewish mind, the same mind with which the circa 1,200 pages, 40,030 Scriptures verses of the whole Tanak (from "Gn." 1:1 to Rev. 22:21) were written, one is able to think dialectically, the way Elohim thinks. One is able to handle not only two apparently contradictory verses, but three and more. One is able to survive the fact that hundreds of words within the Renewed Covenant have been omitted, and between 5,000-8,000 words vary between the so-called "modern versions." Having the mind of the Lord inside us and working, makes us invincible to any mutilation, addition or omission, for we are no longer depending on "the Bible," but on the Author of Scripture.
What we are talking about here is not salvation-of-the-spirit doctrine, but salvation-of-the-soul food, which is the "how to" of our daily life; how to apply the 613 Commandments with grace, which is simply Elohim´s Son living inside ourselves via the Holy Spirit and helping us comply with the Torah on a daily basis. Torah is the Holy Finger of Elohim showing us the way and saying to us: "Look, see here? Do this, but be careful to avoid that over there."
These 613 Commandments make up 22 subjects and 22 books (in the Jewish Scripture--one for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet--such as Elohim, Torah, donations, sanctification, the sabbatical year, pure and impure animals, the "solemn feasts of Yahveh," idolatry, war, social, family and judicial problems, prohibitions against idolatry, blasphemy, worship, priesthood, agriculture, loans, business, justice, incest and other illicit sexual relationships. (See Juster, Dan, Jewish Roots, published by Destiny Image, 1995, pp. 260-287.)
Entering into the Renewed Jewish culture will also allow us to understand the importance of learning at least a beginner´s knowledge of Hebrew, the language in which over 90 percent of the Tanak ("O.T." and "N.T.") was originally written, the lashon ha kadosh, the Sacred Language of Elohim. (See Bivin and Blizzard Jr.´s The Difficult Words of Jesus, published by the Center for Biblical Analysis, 1988, p. 23.)
Speaking of Hebrew, let us not forget that both the Rabbi Yeshuah and his followers spoke Hebrew, not Aramaic nor Greek, as it is being taught. (See "Jn." 5:2; 19:3,7,20; 20:16; Lk. 23:38; Acts 21:40; 22:2; 26:14; and Rev. 9:11; and 16:16.) These are the inner proofs of Hebrew as the language spoken at the time of our Lord and Rabbi. Another source for inner proofs lie in the many Hebraisms, some of which make no sense in any known language, except Hebrew, like the famous "Son of Man" which is the literal translation of the Hebrew Ben Adam, but which really means "man." There are, moreover, external ones, like the ones by the bishop Papias, Jerome, Origen, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, and others. We will offer one single external quotation, but there are many more.
"Matthew put down the words of the Lord in the Hebrew language, and others have translated them, each as best he could" (Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History II 39, 16; as quoted in Bivin and Blizzard´s book, p. 46.)
Listen to what Matitiahu 1:1 really sounds like in English when it is restored back from its current de-Judaization:
"Scroll of the Torah regarding the bloodline of Yeshuah (which means "Yahveh is salvation/deliverance/victory") Ben David (a Messianic title), Ben Avraham."
Listen to Luke 1:5: "There was in the days of Erodou 1, the king of Yehudah, a certain (Jewish) priest /kohen called Zachariah, of the (priestly) division of Aviya. And his wife was of the Banot Aharon, (daughters of Aaron) and her name was Elisheva." Can you taste the difference? These two verses are the true, original Jewish Renewed Covenant as it really was: a Jewish book. The Version you are reading has been de-Judaized dry.
To sum up, the Renewed Jewish culture and civilization is the receptacle, the container of the precious content of the Renewed Covenant and of the teachings of our Lord, the Rabbi Yeshuah and cannot and should be discarded just like the Church has done. We have absolutely no right to take that precious content and pour it into any kind of container we fancy . This is what the Gentile Church has historically done: it has embraced the content (Bravo!) while simultaneously rejecting the Jewish container as if it was poisoned (Booh!). As a result, the Church has evangelized the whole world, introducing to them a Gentile God, Jesus Christ, who has replaced and "retired" Yavheh, Elohim the Father, totally de-Judaized the Orthodox Rabbi Yeshuah the Messiah and the Renewed Covenant; and has simultaneously replaced the Jewish container with the current local culture and the local mindset (Again, booh!). This contagion has led to the Greco-Roman picture of a pagan "Santa Claus," the commemoration of an unscriptural "Xmas," with its "Xmas spirit," ; idolatrous mangers, candles, stained-glass images of Jesus and His mother "Mary," and the equally idolatrous images of the Gentile God Jesus Christ in Sunday school books, pictures, churches, in a blatant violation of the second Commandment of "Ex." 20:4:"You shall not make yourself a graven image, or any likeness which (is) in the heavens." (Hendrickson¨s Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible, 1986.)
Many may think: "Hey, wait a minute! You are trying to Judaize us! This is going back to Judaism! We should go forward, not backwards!" Is the attempt to recover what was the original "Judaizing"? Is going back to our original roots of our faith "Judaizing"? Is trying to recover our original Jewish culture and civilization, which was excised as if by a surgeon´s scalpel, "Judaizing"? According to Acts 15:1 and Gal 2:14, to Judaize is :"Except you be circumcised after the manner of Moses, ye cannot be saved." Thus, we can see that Judaizing is NOT whatever we believe it is. Judaizing is SOLELY to force Gentiles to circumcise "after the manner of Mosheh." Moreover, I have never heard anybody accusing anyone of "Lutheranizing" the Church, which Luthers did since the last five hundred years ago. Anglicans were never accused of "Anglicanizing" the Church, and yet they did it in England. Americans were never accused of "Yankee-izing" the Church, and yet they did it. But when Jewish Renewed believers get the revelation of the huge gap between the Jewish Renewed Congregation of the Rabbi Yeshuah of the First Century A.D. and the Gentile Church of today, we are being accused all over the world of being "Judaizers" and of being "a cult." Lutheranizing seems to be no sin at all; Anglicanizing does not seem to be a sin; nor is Yankee-izing the Church all over the world. The only true sin, seems to be what some call "Judaizing" although, as we have seen, true, Scriptural Judaizing is to force Gentiles to circumcize.


In our opinion, the Gentile Church has committed two fatal errors: the first one is to have severed itself from its Jewish roots; the second is to mistake evangelism with sanctification; to have mistaken the outer gate with the narrow path that leads to the House of the Father. She has hyped up evangelism while she has almost discarded, or at least neglected sanctification and discipleship, the building of a daily lifestyle, which can only be attained by obeying the Commandments, the Torah. A sanctification and a discipleship carried out within the cultural and civilizational framework of Renewed Judaism, and within the framework of a restored, Jewish Renewed Covenant, the original one, not the de-Judaized, "New Testament" we have today.
Why do we nee such a Renewed Culture? To avoid the present danger of re-infectation with the deadly virus of idolatry, of worshipping "the Mother of God and the 365 saints" which is exactly where all Gentiles originally come from and have been delivered from, as per 1 Cor. 12:2 and 1st Thess. 1:9. Sad to say, this danger of reinfecting ourselves with idolatry is much more serious than we believe or perceive it. We are at the very doors of apostasy as written in 2nd Thess. 2:3-4. The spiritual part of this apostasy will consist in the return of hundreds of millions of believers backwards, towards "a union in love" with Babylon.
The only ones who will NOT join her are those who wish to join Renewed Judaism. We have already entered into a post-Protestant, post-Pentecostal Era, into a Renewed Jewish Era, which will make up the Jewish Bride of the Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Yeshuah, an Israeli soldier young woman, an Israeli chaielet, armed to her teeth.Why? Because they who were born Jewish were inoculated from birth against idolatry, and those Jews by faith will have paid the necessary price, which is the "love of the truth" mentioned in 2nd. Thess 2:10-11 so that they are aware of the present danger.


There are, in fact, two visible main mission fields for believers as of 1517: an external one, the world; and an internal one, the Church. Luther began the second mission field, evangelizing the idolaters to return to Jesus (albeit not yet to the Rabbi Yeshuah); Pentecostalism began the second wave of the inner mission field: to evangelize Protestants into accepting the Presence and the Power of the Holy Spirit into their lives, without discarding the first mission, "outer evangelism." Now, Renewed Judaism is picking up the torch, as it were, and follows evangelizing within the second mission field, that of Protestants and Pentecostals. What Elohim is trying to do with the Church is to call those who are chosen, to leave the Gentile God Jesus, who never existed as such in the first place, just as the "virgin Mary and her baby god" never existed as we know her today. (She is "the queen of heaven," Semiramis and her son Tammuz.) Elohim is trying to have us embrace the Jewish Rabbi Yeshuah; simultaneously, He is leading them into the fullness of Mashiach, as per Gal. 4:19:"...until Mashiach is formed in you."


There is a great difference between having the Rabbi Yeshuah and having "Mashiach is formed in you." Yeshuah, as we have already said, means "salvation, delivery, and victory," i.e., the salvation of our spirits. All believers already have their spirits saved. But there is still more to accomplish: the salvation of our souls and our bodies. For this, we need that Maschiach be formed in us, on a daily basis. The word "Maschiach" in Hebrew means "to be anointed" with POWER. When you have Maschiach being formed in you, you have POWER to understand, POWER to follow His Commandments, POWER to do His will, as it is written in 1st Yochachan/"Jn." 2:27:
"But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him."


This anointing and this sanctification, which Ni Do Sheng ("Watchman" Nee) called, rightly, the salvation of our souls in his book of the same name, is an inner trek from Babylon to the Promised Land, trekking along the same landscapes Avraham, Ytzchak, Yaakov, Mosheh, Gedeon and king David and Shlomo/"Solomon" walked. First you have to leave your own, personal Babylon, then trust in Elohim to take you to the desert in your personal life, then you have to conquer the tribes living in Kana´an. Then you can conquer your inner Jerusalem and build the Temple in Jerusalem and establish the Rabbi Yeshuah Maschiach as Head of the Temple, by a coup d´etat which topples your own ego, your worst enemy, on a daily basis. Thus, slowly, Israel is recreated in the inner landscapes of our souls until one day, our rebuilding and gardening is finished; that is the day Elohim calls us to be with Him, for we have gone as far high as we were destined to be.


Could the Gentile Church be under a curse from Elohim? To understand this, we have to understand that, as we said, the Jewish Renewed Congregation of the Rabbi Yeshuah was assaulted and battered by the venomously anti-Semitism of the so-called "Fathers of the Church." If Scripture does not lie, then the Gentile Church must be under a curse. Read the following verse in "Gn." 12:3:
"And I will bless them that bless theee, and curse him that mekalelchah/"speak evil, persecute you/insult you..."
The book of Yehudah/"Jude" calls it "the error of Balaam," although we have never seen it described as such. Why is that? What is this "error of Balaam"? In the book of "Numbers" 22:6 it is written: "Come now therefore, I pray thee, curse this people: for they are too mighty for me peradventure I shall prevail, that we may smite them, and I may drive them out of the land: for I wot that he whom thou blessest is blessed, and he whom thou cursest is cursed."
This what Balaak Ben Tzipor told Balaam, who is a prototype of an ancient "parapsychologer"/sorcerer with knowledge of satanic powers but also with knowledge of the only true Elohim. And Yahveh told Balaam in v. 12: "And Elohim said unto Balaam, Thou shalt not go with them: thou salt not curse the people: for they are blessed." In Zachariah 2:8 Jerusalem is called "the apple of Elohim´s eye": that is a powerful metaphor! (Or isn´t it?) How does anybody dars to put his finger into Yahveh´s eye? Yet, we do! Everytime we "speak evil," "defame" "tell jokes about the Jews" we are putting our finger in Yahveh´s eye, without noticing. Every time we do that, we are bringing ourselves under the curse of "Gn." 12:3.
In the book of Yov/"Job" 1:6-12 Elohim opened a one-time window to that we can understand how Elohim runs the universe. These, in a few short, but very revealing verses, we see that each time ha satan wishes to harm us or anybody else, he must ask Elohim´s permission to do so on a legal basis.
"Now there was a day when the sons of Elohim came to present themselves before Yahveh, and ha satan came also among them. And Yahveh said unto ha satan; Whence comest thou? Then ha satan answered Yahveh, and said, From going to and from in the earth, and from walking up an down in it. And Yahveh said unto ha satan, Hast thou considered my servant Iov, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth Yahveh and escheweth evil? Then ha satan answered Yahveh, and said, Doth Iov fear Yahveh for nought? Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side? thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his substance is increased in the land. But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face. And Yahveh said unto ha satan, Behold, all that he hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not go forth thine hand. So ha satan went forth from the presence of Yahveh."
That is to say, the Universe works on a legal basis, be it a juridical basis or physical basis (the law of gravity, spacetime, etc.) Ha satan cannot make a move (against believers or unbelievers) without first having a legal ground to work against us and without Yahveh´s express and indiviual permission; that is why he is also called "the accuser."And he gets His permission only when we transgress the Torah, which is the definition of sin in 1st Yochanan/"Jn." 3:4:
"Whosever committeth sin transgresseth also the Torah: for sin is the transgression of the Torah."
Let us not kid ourselves and believe that Yochanan is speaking about a civil or criminal law here; the word Torah, meaning "Instructions" "Teachings," but has been constantly (mis)translated as "law" (and in lower case!). We hope these verse clear up the matter of whether Elohim shares power with the devil or not (He does not); or, as some teach, if "the devil´s hands are tied up against us Christians, and there is nothing he can do."
Thus, we have sufficient scriptural basis to state that the venomous anti-Judaism of the "Fathers of the Church" gave ha satan the legal basis to accuse the Gentile Church and ask Yahveh to curse her for having incurred in the "eeror of Balaam" and curse Israel. By the way, the word "curse" is found 230 times in Scripture. The practice of idolatry in special is under a curse as per "Ex." 20:4-6; 34:7; and "Dt." 27:15. But idolatry is only one of some thirty seven causes of curses found in Scripture. (See Derek Prince´s Blessings and Curses; and Frank Hammond´s Breaking Curses, pp. 24-25.) Thus, it is clear that the Church-as-a-body, she has not taken the path Elohim would have wanted her to.
This was not so until the Renewed Jewish Congregation of the Rabbi Yeshuah I ("the Church") ceased to be Jewish and begun to be predominantly Gentile as of circa 95 A.D.. At that time, the Gentile believers began to reject this religion, and especially its container, the Jewish culture and their God-given self-identification as Jews by faith, by having fallen into the trap of anti-Judaism as we have see in our chapter entitled, Anti-Semitism in the Church? Once the devil achieved that rejection, he had it half made.
The emptying of the original Renewed Jewish culture provided the necessary cultural vacuum for a Greco-Roman-Babylonian self-identity, position and culture to fill it, which finally replaced the three-Part Elohim and began a self-identification with the Babylonian identity, position and culture which continues to this very day.
But that does NOT mean, as MANY insist on saying, that the Jewish culture (the container which carried the precious content) can or should be discarded. From 321, when Emperor Constantine declared the Empire to be "Kristian" to 1517 A.D., with the former monk Luther, Zwingli and Jean Chauvin ("Calvin") it was the Greco-Roman container; now it is the North American and even the Korean container. In some nations it is their indigenous container. And that's very improper.
The Church has let itself be beguiled, confused and deceived regarding the container (Jewish culture) vis-a-vis the content (salvation of the spirit by faith in Yeshuah). The Church has embraced the former and let go of the latter as if it were a hot potato. As a result, it is evangelizing the whole world (Bravo!), but injecting it with the wrong culture and paradigms (Boo!). And it also brought down upon itself God's curse on its anti-Semitism, as Elohim said to Avraham (Genesis 12:3), "I will curse those who speak evil of /mekalkelcha you. "
The history of Christian anti-Semitism has so dishonored the truth that many Jews cannot pronounce the word "Jesus" or "Christian" without automatically recalling the Crusades (when Jews were massacred) and the Spanish Inquisition, when 7,000 Jews were tortured and 700 murdered by a so-called "Christian" Church. Words like "Christ" and "cross" became for Jews a synonym for pogrom and persecution!
If you are thinking about Gal. 3:13: "Mashiach redeemed us from the curse of the Torah..." what this verse really means is that Mashiach redeemed us from the curse of NOT complying with the Torah, since the Torah is "holy, and the commandment is holy, just and good. (Rom. 7:12).
The Jewish Renewed Congregation of the Rabbi Yeshuah ceased to exist as such from around 95. A.D. until circa 1980 when the Jewish Renewed Movement began to take shape all over the world. As we will see next, this renaissance did not come ex nihilo, out of nothing, but is what I call "the Third Reformation."


What does Elohim's Grand Strategy then consist of? Elohim wants the restoration of the Renewed Jewish Congregation's ("the Church's") identity and self-identity, position and original civilization and culture of the Good News of the Jewish Messiah, a Jewish Renewed identity within a Jewish Renewed culture within a Jewish Renewed Civilization. His second purpose is the complete and full restoration of our worship and enjoyment of all three aspects of Elohim's Inner Nature; i.e., the restoration of Yahveh the Father as the actual Head of the Godhead, restoring the Yahveh-centrism which was present in the first one hundred years of the Jewish Renewed Congregation of the Rabbi Yeshuah. (He Himself said: "...for my Father is greater than I." Yochanan/"Jn." 14:28.
The Church has lost that enjoyment in the wake of satan's counterstrategy. His third purpose is the restoration of our benefitting from the "Old" Testament, the Hebrew Scriptures, the Tanak. His fourth purpose is the restoration of Rabbi Yeshuah, the true Messiah of Israel, in our understanding, replacing all non-Jewish misunderstandings of Him. Elohim is carrying out these purposes of His through three Reformation/restoration movements.


Protestantism, the first Reformation begun in 1517 by Martin Luther, was the restoration of the position of Jesus to His appropriate place. This Reformation was, in hindsight, not thorough enough, since it left enough theological, spiritual, and identity-related links behind for the counterfeit movement to stage a successful comeback .So Protestantism was not yet the full restoration of our understanding of the true identity, of Rabbi Yeshuah, the Jewish Messiah. That is, Jesus was back in His place, but as a Gentile God, not the real, original Jewish Orthodox Rabbi Yeshuah of Nazareth as our people knew Him 2000 years ago.


Pentecostalism, the second Reformation, which began in 1740, 1790, 1831, and the one on Azusa Street in 1906 and still going on today, has brought about the restoration of the position and identity of another part of God's Inner Nature, the Holy Spirit, to His proper place in our lives and in Yeshuah's Renewed Jewish Congregation, a.k.a., the Church.


Renewed Judaism II, the third Reformation is the current movement, since circa 1970, which is beginning to restore us to seeing both the identity and the rightful position of Elohim the Father within the Godhead; bringing the Hebrew Scriptures back to their proper position in our hearts and lives; teaching us the identity of Yeshuah, the Jewish God, the King of Israel; restoring us to the original culture of the Renewed Covenant, the Jewish culture taking its proper position as our own; and restoring the body of Israel, ie., the Land and the National identity of Israel to the soul of Israel, the Jewish People worldwide.
The cultural restoration of the Renewed Covenant is being currently carried out by erasing the linguistic, theological, cultural and religious expressions of the old-time anti-Semitism, which displaced and disfigured the Church's identity, position and culture.Simultaneously, it is restoring our Jewishness in each of these areas.
Picture, as an instance of this cultural anti-Semitism, the Hasidic Rabbi Sha'ul, a protegé of the famous Rabbi Gamaliel (Acts 22:3), wearing a tallit (prayer undershirt with tziziot, fringes), peyos (sidecurls) and tefilin (leather boxes placed on one´s arm and head) just like any other Orthodox Jew, since that was what he was. At the same time contrast that picture of him with the common one: "the apostle Paul" with a Mithraistic (sun-god worship) "Christian " halo around his head and being called "Saint" Paul by Christian writers, and you will catch the incongruity of the cultural anti-semitism all at once! There are many other examples of linguistic, cultural, and theological anti-Semitism we have have covered in chapter eighteen, Anti-Semitism in the Church?


Acts 15:28-29 says "For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit, and to us, to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things: that you abstain from meat offered to idols, from eating blood, from eating the meat of strangled animals, and from fornication. And it is good to keep from those things anyway. Farewell."
At first sight, it would seem that these two verses contradict what we have been saying about the need for adopting a Jewish culture. In fact, these two verses are what are known as the Noachic laws, the four things a would-be "convert in the door" (but not yet a proselyte) to Judaism had to obey short of being circumcised in the flesh. (In the latter case he became a fully converted Jew, a proselyte.)
We should read these two verses together with v. 21: "Because the Torah God gave Mosheh has been taught and read every Shabbat in the synagogues in every major city for many generations now." What the Jewish Renewed council said, in other words, was: "Look, lets get them saved first (in the spirit). That's our first priority. Then they have the chance, anyway, to go to the synagogue every Shabbat to grow in the Word of Elohim. First things first!" That is the emphasis in this chapter. It's not to drive people (especially Jews) away from Jewish culture so that they can get infected--as in fact the Church did and is still infected--with idolatry, foreign gods and MPD. The Church has been confusing evangelism with discipleship, properly emphasizing the first while discarding the true, original discipleship, that done within the framework of Jewish culture. (Besides, these four Noachic laws are in the New Covenant. Why aren't Christians today keeping even the commandments of the New Covenant?!)
Why not consider now what the Church's identity, position and original culture really is and react accordingly. I invite you to meditate on the above quotations from the Word of God, in bold print, so that they sink in, asking the Holy Spirit to show you more and more about God's Grand Strategy for these last minutes before His Return. If you will, you will see clearly that all who follow Israel's Messiah are Jewish by faith, grafted into the Jewish tree and that sanctification--not salvation--includes replacing any traces of the old Babylonian culture for the original, Jewish culture. Otherwise the devil will fill the vacuum with his own culture just as he has been doing so far.
In our next three chapters, we will analyze how Elohim is restoring the soul of Israel, the Jews; the spirit of Israel (the Jewish Renewed Congregation of the Rabbi Yeshuah); and the body of Israel (the State of Israel).
(1) Francis Frangipane, Holiness, Truth and the Presence of God, Arrow Publication, 1986, pp. 83-84.
(2) A Hebrew word (not a Greek one) meaning "wealth," and related to "leamin," to believe; i.e., to put your trust in wealth.
(3) The word used here in Greek is kainon, (Strong Number 2537) which means "not new in time, recent, but new as to form or quality" "of a new kind", "denotes the new primarily in reference to quality," "renewed" and comes from the Hebrew verb hitchadish, "to renew." Another synonym for kainon in Greek is "neos" which means, indeed "new" in time. The "new" moon which appears every month/CHO-desh is not really a "new" moon, but the same moon which reappears, a "renewed" moon. Vine´s Dictionary, Vol. 3, p. 109;Thayer´s Lexicon, pp. 317-18; The BenYehuda Hebrew English Dictionary, p 95. Thus, all expressions such as "new Jerusalem," "New Testament," or "New Covenant," the Greek word used was always "kainon," never "neos." What we then have is a Renewed Jerusalem, a Renewed Covenant, and a renewed man, as we have explained it earlier. What is new, in the case of the Covenant, is its place; before it was written on stone, outside ourselves; not it is written "in their minds" (Heb. 10:16). (Note to Joy Publishers: This explanation was placed here for sampling purposes only, since it was needed much earlier in the manuscript.)
(4) Webster´s New World Dictionary, p. 312.





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